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Livestock Updates

Summer 2021 Newsletter
Posted By: Kimberly Martin   5/20/2021
We are almost to the finish line for the 2020-2021 school year, so that means planning for next year!! ? Here are a few things to finish up this year and to start thinking about next year.....
1. Validation date for major show steers and heifers is Thursday, June 24th from 6:00-7:30 PM at Cattlemans Vet Clinic. If you need to validate a heifer in order to show at the State Fair of Texas, you must attend this date. If you want to show at Ft Worth, San Antonio or Houston, there is another validation date in October. Please talk to me about validating heifers and what your plans are. We will not be attending every major show as a chapter in the 2021-2022 school year. I will not be at validation this year due to showing at Jr Nationals out of state, but if you need transportation to the validation it can be arranged. 
**If you are moving or changing schools this summer, you need to validate your heifer or steer IN THE COUNTY you will be moving to. I can help you get in touch with the right person. Each county sets their own validation date.**
2. Animal shopping over the summer - if your child is interested in showing a livestock project at the 2022 NETLA and you need my help finding an animal over the summer, please let me know before June 1st. Over the summer, I will be shopping for lambs, goats and steers. Summer is the best time to shop for those species. Attached is a flyer with information about when tag-ins are. 
3. If you want to raise and show broilers at the State Fair of Texas, orders are due by Wednesday May 26th. Broilers are purchased in groups of 25 for $1.50 per bird ($37.50/pen of 25) up to 75 birds per kid. These are wing-banded chicks that we pick up in August, and the show is set for September 28th. If you want to show broilers at the State Fair, please get an order form from me. Payment is due at the time of order. 
4. There is a new project opportunity for our kids. It is a commercial pen of 3 heifers. Attached is the flyer, rules and entry form. Tags are $30 per head, maximum tag is 5 head. You only show 3 head. Tag-in is this coming Saturday. I know that is soon but this is a new program and they just sent me the rules and entry form today. We had a program similar to this in my previous county so I hope it continues and grows. If you have any questions about it for this year or future years, please let me know. 
5. North Texas State Fair is set for August 20-28. Entries will be due to me Friday August 6th. You can show heifers, steers, lambs, goats and pigs there. If you are interested in showing there, I will send out another email at the end of July/beginning of August to get entries. Here is the website for more information: 
6. I will be available "most" of the summer but we are showing at Jr Nationals (June 20-26) and I am moving my oldest son to north of Amarillo sometime end of June to early July. I will be out of touch those days/weeks. If you need me, send me an email or call me. I will be checking emails regularly. 
Make sure you like and follow our Facebook page for updates during the summer! We will post pictures of the Texas FFA State Convention and other FFA adventures! I hope everyone has a safe & happy summer!!! 
State Fair 2021 Broilers
Posted By: Kimberly Martin   4/1/2021
If you are interested in showing broilers at the State Fair of Texas, please reply to this email and let me know the student's name that is interested in showing at State Fair of Texas. 
We had multiple kids show broilers at NETLA. If you are interested in learning more about the poultry industry, you can register for the Virtual Poultry Institute through Texas A&M University Poultry Science Dept.
Validation for SFT 2021 and spring majors 2022
Posted By: Kimberly Martin   4/1/2021
The deadline for ordering livestock tags is coming up. Please be aware that if you want to show a PIG at 2021 State Fair/Heart of Texas; show a STEER at 2021 State Fair/Heart of Texas and/or 2022 spring majors Ft Worth/San Antonio/Houston; OR show a HEIFER at 2021 State Fair/Heart of Texas, you MUST validate animals in June. We have to order tags ahead of time and then you receive the tags at the validation date in June. **Please note the corrected price of state steers $20 per head.**

State Validation for PIGS, STEERS AND HEIFERS: Orders due April 21st
Swine (pig) Validation for State Fair and Heart of Texas 2021 - If you want to show a pig at these shows, you will need a state validation tag. Tags are $15 each, and each pig needs a tag. Orders due April 21. There will be a separate validation date for spring major 2022 pigs. 
State Steers Validation - This is for any steer for Heart of Texas 2021, State Fair 2021, and any spring majors 2022. Tags are $20 per head and due April 21. Validation date in June. This is the only validation time for major show steers. You can validate for NETLA at the June date or there is another validation date for NETLA only in October.  
States Heifer Validation - If you have a heifer that needs to be validated for Heart of Texas 2021, State Fair 2021 or spring majors 2022, you will need to order a heifer validation. $15 per head, pay at the validation date in June. There is a second validation date in October for spring majors 2022 (Houston, Ft Worth, San Antonio, etc) as well. Heifers only have to be validated once in their lifetime unless they change ownership. 
Please let me know if you have any questions about this. Payment must be received prior to April 21st because I have to give payment to the extension office in order to get the tags ordered. 
NETLA Show Schedule
Posted By: Kimberly Martin   2/2/2021

NETLA Schedule

Tuesday Feb 23

Ag Mech Show


Thursday Feb 25

2:00-3:00 pm Lamb & Goat Weigh-In

4:00 pm Lamb Showmanship & Lamb Show followed by Goat Showmanship & Goat Show


Friday Feb 26

6:00-7:00 AM Broiler Check-In

7:30 AM Poultry Show

8:00-10:00 AM Swine Weigh-In

10:00 AM Steers and Heifers in place

11:00 AM Swine Showmanship & Swine Show

12:30-1:00 PM Steer Weigh-In

3:00 PM Steer Showmanship & Steer Show followed by Heifer Showmanship & Heifer Show



Sat Feb 27

1:00 PM Sale of Champions 

January 2021 Livestock Updates
Posted By: Kimberly Martin   12/17/2020

Broiler Pick-Up Day

If you ordered NETLA broilers, they will be delivered on Thursday, January 14, 2021. I will know a pick-up time as the date gets closer. I will send out an email to all broiler exhibitors on Friday, December 18th about getting pen ready and feeding plan.


What does your animal weigh?

We will have a weigh day when we return from Christmas break for lambs, goats and pigs. You need to weigh your animals at the beginning of January to make sure they are on track for the NETLA show.

2021 NETLA Dairy Classic
Posted By: Kimberly Martin   12/8/2020
Validation for NETLA dairy classic heifers will be on January 9, 2021 at Cattlemen's Veterinary clinic from 10-12 am. If you have any questions please let me know.
2021 Spring Majors
Posted By: Kimberly Martin   11/9/2020
If you are interested in showing livestock or competing in contests at the 2021 spring majors (San Antonio, San Angelo, Houston), please contact Mrs. Martin by Tuesday November 17th for entry forms and information. All entries are due back by Friday November 20th.


Each show has their own modified schedule due to covid, guidelines, etc. Let me know which show(s) you would like to attend, and I will get you the appropriate information.

NETLA Pig & Broiler Orders
Posted By: Kimberly Martin   11/9/2020
Entry forms for NETLA market hogs and market broilers are due Friday November 20th to Mrs. Martin. If you need a NETLA entry form, please email me and let me know which kids and how many. I will send them home with your child.


If you have a pig, Mrs. Martin needs to come by and get ear notch numbers. Please contact her to schedule a date. Entry fee is $30 per pig and checks made out to NETLA.


Broiler orders are $30 per exhibitor/pen. A pen is 25 chicks. One pen per exhibitor and no sharing pens with siblings.


If you have not completed your Quality Counts, you will need to do so before turning in entry forms for NETLA.

MG Livestock Show Meeting
Posted By: Kimberly Martin   11/9/2020
We will have a meeting about the Miller Grove FFA Livestock Show on Tuesday, November 17th at 6:00 pm in Mrs. Martin's room. In this meeting we will discuss show schedule, show set-up and I will have a schedule for parent volunteers to sign-up. After I get a schedule of the parents, I will have a schedule for the kids to sign-up. If a student works 2 hours at the show, that gives them 1 entry to the show.

2 hours = 1 entry

4 hours = 2 entries


This show takes hours of preparation and 2 full days of work at the show. We need lots of help from students and parents. This is not only a fundraiser for the MG FFA chapter, but it is an opportunity for all our FFA members to get their livestock projects into the show ring and practice for NETLA.



Cold weather expected Week of October 26
Posted By: Kimberly Martin   10/22/2020

Heads up lamb and goat exhibitors, you have a week to get a good blanket purchased and on your animal before this arrives mid-week next week. A pro cool blanket isn’t designed to provide warmth for your animal it needs to be a canvas type blanket. Finding blankets locally can sometimes be hard the night before, so start finding them now.

Pig exhibitors, make sure you have heat lamps and a pen that blocks the wind. Check the wiring and plugs on heat lamps to make sure they are still in good shape. Bad wires and plugs can cause a fire.

Cattle exhibitors....this is your time to shine! This is hair growing weather! Don't blanket your calves. Just make sure they have plenty of hay to keep their bellies full. They will make their own heat.











NETLA Updates - August 2020
Posted By: Kimberly Martin   8/19/2020

NETLA Tag-In/Validation Dates

NETLA only Steers - October 15, 2020 6-7 pm @ Cattleman's Vet Clinic 

NETLA & Major show Heifers - October 15, 2020 6-7 pm @ Cattleman's Vet Clinic

Lambs & Goats - October 14 @ 5-7 pm @ Hopkins Co Civic Center

Pigs - Entry form & $30 entry fee due to Mrs. Martin (make checks payable to NETLA) 

Broilers - Entry form & $30 entry fee due to Mrs. Martin (make checks payable to NETLA)


Lamb & Goat Major Show Tags

If you want to show a lamb or goat at a major show in 2021, the following are the deadlines to order tags:

August 28 - $15.00 each

Sept 25 - $25.00 each (late orders)

Animal Shopping

Shopping is underway for PIGS, LAMBS, GOATS &, HEIFERS! If you need help locating a reputable breeder and/or selecting your livestock project, let Mrs. Martin know!

Northeast Texas Livestock Association Show (NETLA) - February 25-27, 2021.

NETLA Entry Forms are available on the Miller Grove FFA website.

Livestock Parent Meeting 9-1-2020
Posted By: Kimberly Martin   8/19/2020

Dear Parents and Students of Miller Grove FFA, 

We will have the first FFA meeting for the 2020-2021 school year on Tuesday, September 1, 2020 at 6:00 pm in the Ag Classroom. If your student will raise a livestock project through Miller Grove FFA for the 2021 NETLA or major shows, one parent and student is required to attend this meeting. Even if you have raised a livestock show in the past, this meeting is still required to attend. Livestock projects include steers, beef and dairy heifers, lambs, goats, pigs and broilers.  

The Ag Advisors will discuss the MGFFA livestock show guidelines, talk about NETLA requirements and discuss the outlook for livestock shows this year. We will have informational materials for each species that you can raise and show through NETLA.  

Gary Billingsley, Mr. Gatlin and Mrs. Martin will be available to answer questions about the FFA program and opportunities for your student.  

August 2020 Update
Posted By: Kimberly Martin   8/10/2020
Welcome back Hornets! We are excited for a fun-filled FFA year! I am still awaiting confirmation on a few dates for August and September, but I wanted to let you know of a few KEY DATES. Students, please get with your Ag Advisor for more details. 
Thursday August 20 - State Fair entries due. State Fair entries due for market broilers, public speaking and job interview. Although the State Fair of Texas cancelled the big fair, they have made arrangements for some contests to still take place virtually. If you are interested in competing in Public Speaking or Job Interview, please contact Mrs. Martin. 

**Tuesday September 1 at 6:00 pm - FFA Meeting and Livestock Parent Meeting** This is the first FFA for the school year. There will be a REQUIRED livestock parent meeting at the same time. If a student wants to show a livestock project at NETLA or any of the major shows, the student AND parent(s) is REQUIRED to attend this meeting. Even if you have shown livestock previously, this meeting is required. We will go over the livestock showing guidelines. Please bring your questions about livestock projects. 
Pursuant to county guidelines, we will implement social distancing procedures at all FFA events and activities. Masks will be required to attend. Please get with an Ag Advisor if you cannot attend the meetings, we will have an online meeting available for you (same date and time).
Let's have a great year Hornets!!! 
Quality Counts
Posted By: Kimberly Martin   9/6/2019
Quality Counts
Make sure your child's QC is up to date before you turn in any entries for NETLA or majors. I can't pull kids out of class to complete this, but they are welcome to come in before/after school and lunch (grades 7-12) to work on it. If your child completed it last year but has moved up a division in grade (Junior grade 3-5, Intermediate grades 6-8 and Senior grades 9-12), they will need to retake it. 


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